To start working you need the login and password . To get them you need registration at the OTVT portal. To register you need to:

1. Fill in the registration form here

2. Send an application request – free style – to:

3. Contact our specialists at: + 7 (812) 325-87-30 extension. 140, 152, 210

You can select one of two work operation modes on the portal:

1) independent electronic formation of the shipping document originals, which are used for the delivery of Preliminary Information, as well as for handing them over on paper to customs officers, for transit declarations at the border, cargo transshipment declaration (TD) and warehousing at the point of delivery – program setup Fill-Bill Client;

quick and easy transfer of copies of the documents required for formation of a preliminary information package, just three clicks – using the web-service Fill-Bill Online.

Download information in Russia in the PDF format Setup.pdf1,41 mb

Help in English is available from our specialists.

Download and Installation of the Program Fill-Bill-Client:

  • In the upper right corner are the username and password fields.
  • Enter your assigned username and password. Press the Enter key.
  • Once you log in it is possible to download the program Fill-Bill-Client. To do this, follow the link How to Use the Portal – Program Download – click on Fill Bill Instaler.
  • Using the Start entry launch the program installation at once.
  • The Save entry is designated for saving the program distributive on your computer.
  • Wait for the download completion.
  • Select the Start entry
  • Program installation begins. Follow installer’s instructions.
  • At the first program run pops up the message Username/password Error, then press ОК.
  • Go the menu item Service\Parameters.
  • Enter the username and the password, which you obtained when getting access to the site, into the settings window.
  • Now the program installation and setting are completed and ready for work.