Use Fill-Bill Online to advise information about cargo and vehicle movement in the machine-readable way: send scanned documents, files in the Excel, PDF and other practical formats

Based on your information our specialists will translate the data into a formalized language in compliance with customs requirements and refer them to the RF Federal Customs Service to have a customs identification number assigned.



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Work in the Fill-Bill-Online:

To enter the Fill-Bill-Online chapter, you need a login and a password. To obtain them, it is necessary to register at the OTVT portal.

Registration procedure:

- Fill in the registration form here

- Send an application request – free style – to:,

- Contact our specialists at: +7 (812) 327 97 53, ext. 210.

If you are in contact with our partners, ask your manager to advise you your login and password to work in the Fill-Bill-Online.

Getting started:

Before work commencement have the package of documents ready.

Scan on-paper documents and save the scanned copies (in any format and resolution).

The minimum required package (Package) includes a waybill and an invoice.

Enter the chapter using the login and password.

The list that opens will show the record of package sending and their status at the time of interest. You can enter the package list when selecting a respective menu item.

New package:

Select the menu item New Package.

Using the Select button attach required documents. Files will attach one at a time, and once a file is selected a new line appears below to attach another document. The number of documents to be sent in one package is not limited.

As soon as the Send button is pressed the package is assigned a number and the status Processing.

The Processing status indicates that your data are being processed by our staff or that the package is sent to the server of the Main Information Processing Centre of the Federal Customs Service and waits for reply. Upon receipt of a reply from the server of the Main Information Processing Centre of the Federal Customs Service your package status will change to either Accepted or Rejected.

In case of the Package rejection

If you are still on the package-sending page, the package processing results will display here, as well as instructions for the package editing.

If you are off the package-sending page, you’ll find your package with a new status in the list of packages and look up details by clicking on the package number.

The package page will display the cause of rejection, and you’ll be able to change or complement data in the required documents and then re-send the package.

In case of the Package approval

On the package page you’ll find the Package identification code, which must be printed and affixed to a set of the goods transportation documents.

Detailed portal-operation instructions are available from our specialists.